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United States
Current Residence: Washington State
Operating System: Windows 2000
Wallpaper of choice: Alucard
Personal Quote: Drink of me, and let my feathered wings live through you.
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Hotel California
  • Reading: Terry Pratchett novels
  • Watching: horror movies
  • Playing: Terraria
  • Eating: spaghetti
  • Drinking: diet wild cherry pepsi
Well, I did loose approximately 200-ish words on one of my novels but it's okay.
You know what else. I start work tomorrow. [Yes, someone finally felt I interview well; or at least well enough that they've hired me].  Do you know what that means (aside from me getting monies obviously)?  It means that someone else has to take care of their own kids or find someone else to do it!!! (Because I'll be needing a ride to work and/or getting up around the time that we normally drop them off and pick them up)! [I'll be doing graveyard shift so.... Yeah.... That means that if anyone calls before noon I'll probably psychically maul them or something.]
We'll see how it goes.
Now all we have to do is make those people who are keeping a horse on our property pick it the f*ck up and take it somewhere else. [There is a horse staying on our property for free and it sucks and the owners suck].
I am still writing my RPG book.  I'm looking at my Doctor Who fan-fiction novella and starting to write on it more (which is good because my mom is nagging me for more chapters)...
I need to see if I can plug my scanner into my laptop because I do have art to post but... meh... It takes effort that will end up pissing me off. (I really hate Windows 7 and it's auto-installing software even if it is easier... I like to know for sure where my software is coming from etc.)  Also I'm not sure if it's USB (which means I may just say f*ck it and buy a new one when I get my first paycheck)... Who knows?...
On another note: I am hardly sleeping when I do sleep and it's really bad sleep when I can get to sleep.  I should probably just invest in Amp energy drinks all things considered.  Also I f*cking miss sugar and why don't they have a sugar-free cherry flavor; and if they do why does no one sell it around here???  (They sell the green flavor as a sugar-free in this damn county).
Anyway, just an update.

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You're welcome! I really like your style of photography. Each piece even with the different models is so emotionally strong in one way or another. Also, you have cat pictures, and cat pictures make me smile even when in a bad mood. (Probably why I have three cats).
WildRainOfIceAndFire Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2010  Professional Photographer
i have 5 :D
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I can't imagine having five! Our three get rambunctious for at least two hours every day and run around like crazy little monsters of claws, doom and cheese. (Okay, maybe not cheese). Still, when they really get running they'll ignore whatever is in the way, and suddenly a ball of cats with claws out will run right over the top of you wherever you're sitting.... Five must be completely crazy to deal with.
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