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Dear Rachel :iconyerials-lost-wings:Yerials-Lost-Wings 1 2
A Christmas Letter
Dearest Politician and Dearest Celebrity,
I hope your Christmas feast is pleasant and makes you forget the troubles of the world;
That a lot of the families in your own state don't have that much to go around;
My fiancé and I have been unable to find a job for the last two years;
Our savings are gone;
We still hope to feel that Christmas cheer-that seems to be going 'round;
This year we will go to our relatives and have our own little "feast";
There might not be enough to fill everyone's plate;
And yet it will still be the most we've eaten in more than three weeks.
My fiancé and I have no tree and have no presents to bring;
Our relatives might have one or two presents sitting under a fake tree;
But they've been hit hard too by this "recovering economy";
We won't complain about this sad state of affairs;
We'd like to do something to help out our peers;
The only thing we can do is try to comfort them with words;
So, here my words are, not to be rude;
As some might ask, "What ar
:iconyerials-lost-wings:Yerials-Lost-Wings 3 7
Paradox Dawnriver :iconyerials-lost-wings:Yerials-Lost-Wings 1 5
Celestial Heaven
Everyone dies at some point, even the great immortals, but when Celeste finds out that her body stays with her and her life's story must be told to a teenage looking angel known as ‘Book Keeper,’ she begins to worry.  As we follow the two, we learn of Celeste's beginning as a troubled child in the dark ages, hearing voices that are monsters and learning how she could survive until 2004.  Celeste however, finds out a great deal about truth and the truth; as she learns of the history involving the angels and God, she begins to wonder about the mysterious man that has been traveling with them unseen by Book Keeper, and in the end Celeste will have to learn the truth to save her life and her new friends.
:iconyerials-lost-wings:Yerials-Lost-Wings 0 2
For Lunatheshewolf :iconyerials-lost-wings:Yerials-Lost-Wings 1 9
Mature content
Paths wip update 02 :iconyerials-lost-wings:Yerials-Lost-Wings 1 6
Stranger Chibi for Xmas Gift :iconyerials-lost-wings:Yerials-Lost-Wings 1 3 Shinichii work in progress :iconyerials-lost-wings:Yerials-Lost-Wings 0 3 Figure in the Darkness :iconyerials-lost-wings:Yerials-Lost-Wings 1 2 Unknown figure of Darkness :iconyerials-lost-wings:Yerials-Lost-Wings 4 4 Lilith: Dierdre :iconyerials-lost-wings:Yerials-Lost-Wings 0 8
Mature content
Struggle For Dominance WIP 2 :iconyerials-lost-wings:Yerials-Lost-Wings 0 4
Mature content
Struggle For Dominance WIP :iconyerials-lost-wings:Yerials-Lost-Wings 0 8
Lilith wip :iconyerials-lost-wings:Yerials-Lost-Wings 0 6 NPC: GURPS Cat :iconyerials-lost-wings:Yerials-Lost-Wings 0 2 NPC Unknown Exalted 2 :iconyerials-lost-wings:Yerials-Lost-Wings 0 1

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Well, it's been some time hasn't it? A lot has gone on and I haven't done much art at all really nothing that I'm willing to share anyhow! Tons of crazy life stuff! So from the beginning:
1. I got married just about two years ago (coming up on the 23rd).
2. I got a promotion at wally-world and had to go to days.
3. I became angry and my depression got worse (primarily due to how I was being treated at previous entry on this list).
4. I couldn't afford any anti-depressants.
5. My family has gone through a lot with my step-dad's diabetes, my dad living in Vietnam now, and tons of other stuff.
6. I gained weight (lot's of weight) due to stress and probably the three Rockstars a day combined with a full Redline. I was eating less and eating healthier and I clocked in at 20k steps a day minimum on every day I worked.
7. I was working 40 hours a week but I was at my job often six days a week and there for about 60 hours. (I was made to stay late and then cut that time on my lunches, making for two sometimes three hour lunches).
7b. Despite working 40 hours a week for 10 months in a row I was part time and was never made full time despite asking and had such little benefits that I still couldn't afford anti-depressants and was lucky what little insurance they gave me covered my thyroid medicine.
8. I made some new friends and now they're going through some issues (but that's jumping ahead).
9. I ended up working 14 days straight often only having one day off in between.
10. Have been trying (throughout this entire time) to game with friends. But conflicting schedules and always being exhausted and angry for my mistreatment made that difficult.
11. I got offered a job somewhere else. I went down to two days a week at wally-world and then walked out after the third day of my two days a week there because they were still treating me like trash.
12. Working one job at a very relaxed place where everyone is nice
13. Started getting some new tattoos!
14. My boss asked me if I wanted a second job two days a week.
15. Started that second job, it's super easy and also not stressful.
16. Beginning to live again. Less angry. Less depressed but I'm aware I still need to seek help because I still have really bad days. Much less stressed.
So, at some point I'm going to really look and see what all has been happening, but I'll have to go to work soon! <3 you all!


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DirenPRey Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2011   Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fave! :D
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Yerials-Lost-Wings Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2010  Student General Artist
You're welcome! I really like your style of photography. Each piece even with the different models is so emotionally strong in one way or another. Also, you have cat pictures, and cat pictures make me smile even when in a bad mood. (Probably why I have three cats).
WildRainOfIceAndFire Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2010  Professional Photographer
i have 5 :D
Yerials-Lost-Wings Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2010  Student General Artist
I can't imagine having five! Our three get rambunctious for at least two hours every day and run around like crazy little monsters of claws, doom and cheese. (Okay, maybe not cheese). Still, when they really get running they'll ignore whatever is in the way, and suddenly a ball of cats with claws out will run right over the top of you wherever you're sitting.... Five must be completely crazy to deal with.
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AndreaTamme Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Waaah! I can't say thank you enough for your support on my entry, [link] !! I truly appreciate it :heart:
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You're welcome. It was a lovely entry.
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