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Ragemystic the evil vs Dash by Yerials-Lost-Wings Ragemystic the evil vs Dash by Yerials-Lost-Wings
This is my entry for the contest [link] also seen here: [link] it took me quite a long time to narrow down the names I wanted to use, I got several great ones... Probably won't do another entry though.

At any rate, we've got our major villain in the bottom right corner (he's the blond), and his name is Ragemystic the evil. (I almost went with Lustcraze but... I figured something closer to PG rather than all-hyper sexed).

Ragemystic just so happens to be sweet on the main hero, Dash Midnight, (who I also randomly generated a name for). Trouble is Dash has no interest in bad guys, his interest lies in money and women, and it just so happens that the Princess Celes is worth a fortune, he's done several jobs for her in the past and just so happened to end up being seen at a ball with her by Ragemystic.. (Poor Rage,)

Princess Celes happens to have bunny ears (which are the darker shades of pink near her hair). This is because of the royal line, each who carries royal blood have these ears.
And yes, Dash has elven-styled ears (though that's not because he's an elf, it's a special blood line that carries that trait and the line happens to have been exiled). (FYI the blue thing in his ear is a communications device).

So, instead of simply killing the Princess he's captured her and intends to use the forbidden ritual: Shadowy Communion of the Angel, which summons forth the highest of demons into the victim, usually such a thing doesn't work properly and the demon kills the summoners and goes about it's merry business of death and destruction... Now, the reason to attempt such a thing, is because if it happens to be successful, the summoner can wish for one thing and despite how poorly it may be worded the wish is by the wisher's intent. Nifty huh?

Despite the danger and the astronomical failure rate of attempting this, Ragemystic is a very powerful magi and has gained a very useful technique. He doesn't just use his own rage, he pulls it from others, and on the viewing screen of his ship you can see the very agitated Dash, who, despite common sense is getting more angry at Rage's flirting.

In the background, helping to make sure that everything is going according to plan are Rage's minions, a strange race from the depths of the void called: Final Darkness Entities.
As it happens, they are more interested in releasing the demon in the hopes that it will destroy the cage of their dark master and then perhaps everything will end.

Dash and Rage happen to be from the same planet called: Am IX (also generated) and grew up together, though Dash doesn't remember Rage, mostly because Rage was a very shy child and Dash was popular. Though Dash may be the "hero," of our story, Ragemystic is the one who many of the men and women love because of his madness and the evil actions he takes.

The colors in the background are for the wall and floor of the ship. I wanted to try something different than 1. not coloring the picture at all 2. Completely coloring it.

It is not "unfinished," just in case you were wondering.

Characters and story are my own invention, though the names are from generators on Seventh Sanctum.
The generated results proof: [link]
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February 26, 2008
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